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General info
Start: start of the project asap but in consultation, duration ca. 6/7 weeks
Project fee: 8k
Work spot: Remote

About the role

  • Research, development & programma management skills.e
  • Be able to write an corporate English program proposal and report back on possible solutions to activate a Community Trust Counsel program for the organization
  • Build budget forecast proposal
  • Preferable experience and/or affinity within the student housing sector
  • Preferable experience and/or affinity within the educational sector
  • Preferable legal experience and/or affinity

About the job
Well-being & safety is becoming increasingly important in our society. Due to recent societal developments such as the MeToo movement as well as more attention in the media for incidents at i.e. The Voice of Holland, Ajax, NOS Sport etc. organizations need to review & step-up the process behind protecting & preventing their communities. At The Social Hub the community is the number one priority by delivering the best possible experience as well as guaranteeing the safety of the members in using our facilities & services. In regards to create a safe space a number of programs are currently in place, but we like to step-up by starting the exploration of appointing a ‘Community Trust Counsel’ for The Social Hub Community; students, co-workers & members.A Trust Counsel program for employers & employees relations is an established format across businesses world wide. Offering such a program for a customers x brand relation is less well-known. We believe a university campus situation is most comparable in services, facilities and relation between students amongst each other and between students and our team members. The Trust Counsel is also a familiar position in an university campus. The traditional HR Trust Counsel program is bounded to many rules. I.e. there are references to specific laws in regards to escalation, reporting obligations, collecting data etc. There’s less information available for a brand x customer relation program. In light with the rules, regulations as well as the sensitivity of operating a traditional Trust Counsel program, the activation of such a format for our community should be carefully identified.


  • Scope of work and budget – wk 1 & 2
  • Consultation internal wk 1
  • Consultation experts wk 2 & 3
  • Outcomes and Advice wk 4 – 6
  • Present wk 6

Research objective:

  • Problem definition: Identify the type of customer complaints and incidents within The Social Hub and how the organization deals with such issues currently?


  • What is a trust person or/and what purpose does it serve?
  • What are other solutions or alternatives to a trust person?
  • References: What solutions have organisations similar to TSH implemented a trust person (including universities, coworking, PBSA). What are the lessons learnt and what would they recommend TSH?


  • Protocol:  What are for TSH the relevant tasks and responsibilities of trust person?
  • What would be a fitting and scalable trust person system look like for TSH (countries, language, number of complaints)?
  • Procedures: How will the trust person deal with complaints, who should the trust person report to.
  • Estimate of annual resources & budget required
  • Outstanding questions and/or next steps to implementation
  • Possible allocation of managing & maintaining the program within the organization.
  • Top level legal possibilities & limitation (The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, Portugal, UK, Scotland, France)

About The Social Hub
At The Social Hub, we believe a better society is created when people with vision and talent come together from all walks of life. United by a shared mindset, our community is shaping a brighter future, and having fun doing it. It all began 10 years ago with a simple belief: Students Deserve Better. That’s why we built The Student Hotel, a place for young people to find their purpose and change the world, to shape the future. As our community grew, we grew with them – evolving into a hybrid space with hotel rooms for tourists, co-living for travellers, coworking for digital nomads and a creative playground for entrepreneurs and locals. People have never felt a greater need for genuine connection and positive change. We’re inspired by the multitude of efforts we’ve witnessed in our community to make society a better place, and we want to further empower that passion. This is the proof we have outgrown our own name, and most importantly, so has our community. So today a new chapter to our story begins: say goodbye to The Student Hotel – and hello to The Social Hub. We’re so much more than a hotel, and more than a home. The Social Hub’s unique hybrid hospitality model means we’re as flexible as it gets, welcoming guests from all walks of life: from a day to a year. It’s a space to learn, stay, work and play, with flexible working spaces, a Workcafé & Bar for bites and cocktails, and meeting and event spaces for functions big or small, and whole lot more.

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